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Nov 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
news" coming up next. >> we'll be right back. >> at least 23 states feeling the effects of sandy, which morphed from a hurricane into a superstorm stretching hundreds of miles. sandy crashing along the eastern coast, cutting a lethal path of destruction in the form of wind, water, snow, and fire, at its peak, leaving more than 8 million people without power. on new jersey's storied jersey shore, homes and boardwalks washed away. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> parts of new york city, the city that never sleeps, plunged into darkness, subways and tunnels flooded, whole neighborhoods in staten island, brooklyn, and queens demolished. >> i had a feeling it was gonna be horrible. i never thought it would be this bad. i have no electric, nothing at my house. we have nothing here. we don't even have a telephone line to get out. >> residents trying to piece their lives back together while rescue and recovery teams continue to help victims. thousands of runners in new york city refusing to let a canceled marathon spoil their race plans. some running the origin
Nov 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
voices. >> in the meantime, sandy unleashed her wrath of fury along the east coast after killing at least 66 people in the caribbean. the monster storm packed hurricane-strength winds, torrential rain, and caused massive damage as it ripped through north carolina, delaware, and up the seaboard through the new york city area. also, microsoft launching its new windows 8 operating system and surface tablet with a major redesign. this is the biggest overhaul of the tech giant's operating software in nearly 20 years. >> what we've done is actually reimagined windows, and we've reimagined, essentially, the whole pc industry. in addition to notebooks and desktops, we introduced the pc as tablet. >> the operating system will be available for pcs and tablets. for "teen kids news," i'm jenna lee, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> this report is brought to you by one out of every three american kids is overweight. and research shows that girls struggling to get fit are often the least likely to get the help they need. so denise's story is encouraging. about a year ago, she came acr
Nov 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
after super storm sandy hit the northeast. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano visiting staten island, new york, for the second time to see the recovery process. >> first thing's first -- food, shelter, clothing for people who need it, assistance with finding housing, getting life -- life back to normal or as normal as it can be under the circumstances. >> americans across the country paying tribute to the nation's military on veterans day. this year's remembrance marking the first time in a decade there are no american troops serving in iraq. president obama also taking time to honor those who serve. >> we take care of our own. we take care of our veterans. we take care of your families not just by saluting you on one day once a year but by fighting for you and your families every day of every year. that's our obligation. a sacred obligation to all of you. >> for "teen kids news," i'm david lee miller, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> one school turned a ton of garbage into a moneymaker. the project all started in the school cafeteria. stephanie has the story. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3